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Crossover Trouxas jogando Quadribol


Crossover Trouxas jogando Quadribol

Todo mundo sabe que quadribol é muito mais legal que futebol,e infelizmente não ganhamos nenhuma das copas (Na trouxa perdemos pra Alemanha,e na bruxa perdemos para a Bulgária),O designer Homero Meyer resolveu juntar os dois mundos nesse Crossover onde os craques da copa trouxa montam suas vassouras e encaram o quadribol! Boatos que os jogos aconteceram no reino de OZ.





Em qual posição…

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OMG!! My BFF mitsurachan and me originally thought there was only David’s Hufflepuff but indeed there are more!!!

This AU is just perfect and brillant in every sense..

All the houses of the four players are so alike!!!!

Especially the one of David’s Hufflepuff Quidditch jersey, the qualities of the house are so match with him and it is just wonderful…

His photo leads my dear mitsurachan think of an AU that in this FIFA 2014, Germany is just like the Ravenclaw who won the world cup this year, while Brazil is the Hufflepuff, Spain NT is like the Gryffindor and Holland is kinda like the Slytherin too. 

I mean, think of Mesut Ozil, isn’t he just like he comes from the house of Ravenclaw!? (Ya, the wizard of Oz too LOL) and the tactics of Germany are so Ravenclaw… 

Damn I just need this fanart or fanfiction so bad I can’t even…QAQQQQ

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The 24th Day (2004) US Drama/Thriller, directed by Tony Piccirillo

Similarly to old classics like Sleuth (1972) or Deathtrap (1982), The 24th Day is another intelligent psychological thriller interesting enough even with one setting and two good actors (and, well, several redundant flashbacks). Unlike many other contemporary US indies, this one obviously isn´t improvised (thanks God for that!) and as such, it does not contain usual amount of meaningless dialogue stuffing. Everything what happens and everything what is said, has some purpose.

The mysterious story of two gay men and their supposedly one night stand offers several surprising plot twist, careful character development and director’s ability to reveal the strengths and hide the weaknesses of the actors. James Marsden is excellent in this and Scott Speedman, about whose acting abilities I have not had the best opinion, is surprisingly good too. Pleasant surprise from A to Z. 9/10

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What can I possibly say about the film “Rush”?

This film is truly epic! Full of passion for both women and sport, the two racers James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Niki Lauder (Bruhl) have the most amazing chemistry as they both want too get what they deserve… recognition.

This film also includes various amazing people and also sees the unexpected appearance of Natalie Dormer (I shouldn’t have been surprised she is in fucking everything!) and this all star cast really puts into perspective about how amazing this story was as the film is focused on  events which actually happened! Which truly takes my breath away.

So that really is all I can say about it, I love this film so much and thanking God I’ve got it on DVD now!

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is that gum?

I believe Mike’s reaction is “OMG why Paige just took the chewed gum of Bates that is so gross and dirty there are so much germs and saliva stuck on that gum if I have to make out with Paige I have to make sure she at least has taken shower and brushed her teeth”. 

Well I have to admit it’s my reaction… I just screamed at that scene and I really don’t feel sassy but awwwwwww

Unpopular opinion about One Day More in the Tonys

I’m sorry but guys I think the performance of One Day More in the 68th Tony Awards is AWFUL.

The rhythm and music in the beginning, the singing of the ensemble, the voice and accent of actors, their new marching and their acting, etc… 

So many of it I just feel not good enough… I was in shock for nearly the whole song (except the part of Ramin he’s doing greatly as always) Well… I tried to search posts in Tumblr and found that many people think that it’s awesome… I think I might be hearing wrongly…

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